We warmly welcome you to DX Family. Discretelogix is the one of the most experienced and at the same time quickly developing company in IT-business. We not only provide you  job but we provide superior training, best practice methodologies and the opportunity to work in different latest technology platforms. Individually, we are rich with quality people. As a team we are diverse with not only talent but also character. As a company, we are building each person’s strengths and values by focusing on hard work, dedication and integrity.

We attribute our rise to our quality policy, which according to us is not a static benchmark but a dynamic standard that is progressively scaled up and aspired to be attained. Some of the best minds and talent are a part of our team. They comprise of management graduates, software engineers, programmers, web developers, business analysts, graphic designers and writers. If you have abilities in any of these fields, feel free to contact us for job information here or view the Current Job Openings.

Team Testimonials?


At Discretelogix we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We have helped numerous professionals build a career of their dreams for themselves.

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We cordially invite you to join us on this magnificent journey of innovation and growth.By joining Discretelogix you would get the best opportunities for your career and personal growth under guidance of our experienced staff. You would be entitled to numerous benefits as well. You can discover more about bonuses and benefits on inside.

Job Openings


At Discretelogix we have talented employees and a company culture founded on the principles of giving back to our community. We have a bright future ahead of us but we need a diverse group of dedicated and talented people to help carry out our mission. Please review our opportunities and explore our career site to learn more about what Discretelogix can do for your career! .