Today we stand at a dawn of a new era and at the threshold of a new world , a world where dreams are envisioned and lives are positively impacted. In this world, the intricate paths we tread upon would ultimately lead us to our collective destinies, technology will illuminate a million lives and engineering will alter the way things are developed. We are Discretelogix! and we are making this new world happen.
We cordially invite you to join us on this magnificent journey of innovation and growth.
Discretelogix is an ISO certified company that has served hundred of clients worldwide. From the point we started our journey we have witnessed phenomenal growth and progress. Responsiveness, flexibility and individual initiative are recognized values within Discretelogix. The management strives to fosters effective decision-making while controlling costs, catalyzing development and keeping the company on schedule.

Salient Features

Career Growth:
The diverse nature of Discretelogix’s businesses and its international presence make it possible to aim towards the development of skills and individual experiences and imply the prospect of taking on new responsibilities. The company has been carrying out an active HR policy based on training and in-house flexibility and considers professional advancement to be a lever for the motivation and success of its employees.

Training Sessions:
For enhancing the capabilities of its workforce and for career development, Discretelogix conducts regular training sessions for its employees. These training sessions are conducted on different upcoming technologies and tools once every month, all the employees are encouraged to participate in the session.

Rewards and Recognition:
We encourage and reward innovation and ambition whether someone is new to us or already well into their career. As well as sharing in the growth of the business, our people also receive a range of core and voluntary benefits from personal development opportunities to quarterly and yearly bonuses. We make sure that at every stage of their career our staff feel valued, achieve success and share our passion to deliver outstanding services for our customers.

Recreational Facilities:

“Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and provides other health benefits as well. It also can improve your mood and self image.”

To keep our employees physically active and upbeat we have numerous recreational facilities like a gym with modern and state of the art equipment, you can play table tennis, cricket and foosball. We also have online gaming facility at Discretelogix where you can enjoy first person shooter,real time strategy and turn based strategy games. Along with that we also have badminton and board games such as chess, ludo, dart boards facility. Recreational Facilities

Life @ DX

What You will Like Here?

  • Annual increments
  • Quarterly Bonuses/Project Based Bonuses
  • Leaves’ Encashment
  • Saturdays & Sundays are off
  • 18 Paid holidays in addition to public holidays.
  • Other Non disclosed benefits/Gifts
  • Loans (in form of Qarz-e-Hasna, i:e without any interest)
  • Recreational activities
  • Fast career growth
  • Learning Opportunities from experienced teams and seniors

What You might NOT Like Here?

  • Timings are strict. We do not encourage late comings and we are strongly against late sittings.
  • Discipline is tough here. You need to be disciplined to grow further.
  • Facebook and other Social Networks are not allowed during working hours. Either we can work or we can socialize.

Job Openings