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Discover businesses and startups like you who utilized our services to grow rapidly.

The path to starting your own business isn’t always smooth, just ask any entrepreneur. It helps to hear some business success stories, especially when you’re mired in the details of writing a business plan, getting a business loan, or finding a technology or growth partner. Even the most successful businesses small, medium, and large alike went through their share of challenges. And it can be so helpful to remind yourself you’re not crazy for feeling overwhelmed. Here are some business success stories who trusted and never regretted the decision.

Weblife Stores

  • Client Since : 2016
  • Vertical : Retail & Ecommerce
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : Magento 2.0, Linux
  • Team: 20+ Members (Hourly Model)

- Provided a complete solution including designing, development, product curation, optimization & server management
- Built the multisite architecture
- 35,000 simple & configurable products catalog management
- 20+ team members worked at a time for the strategy and execution of the project


  • Client Since : 2017
  • Vertical : Healthcare
  • Platform : Mobile
  • Technology : iOS, Android, BLE Framework, Unity-3D
  • Team: 5 Members (Dedicated Model)

- Developed an application by using Revolutionary Wearable Sensors Technology
- Application measures the human movement like never before to give companies, clinics and athletes easy to interpret movement data.
- Hardware grade configurations involved to ensure highest possible sensors sensitivity
- Application is being used in hundreds of clinics across the globe to improve lives

Arcadia Apps

  • Client Since : 2012
  • Vertical : Construction
  • Platform : Web & Mobile
  • Technology : React JS, React Native, iOS, Android
  • Team: 4 Members (Dedicate Model)

- Arcadia Apps got 1000+ clients in USA
- Provided with a complete AI based solution to manage sales leads
- Processing 5000+ business leads annually
- Developed using state of the art AWS infrastructure, leveraging elastic cloud

Emtac Group

  • Client Since : 2017
  • Vertical : Retail & Ecommerce
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : Magento 2.0, Linux
  • Team: 5 Members (Hourly Model)

- Providing services of design, development, catalog automation, performance optimization & server management
- Huge catalog of 20 million products is being managed
- Modified core modules to efficiently handle the large scale catalog


  • Client Since : 2011
  • Vertical : Compliance
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : Katalon IDE, Postman, JMeter
  • Team: 3 Members (Dedicated Model)

- RFG is a group providing services to 900+ satisfied customers
- Providing automation testing services
- Reduced cost by 54% by hiring dedicated teams at Discretelogix
- 11+ years of continued trust in our team to deliver excellent services

Lead Envy

  • Client Since : 2016
  • Vertical : Fintech
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : Yii 2.0, Node.js
  • Team: 8 Members (Dedicated/Hourly Model)

- It is a SaaS based solution; developed an efficient management platform for loan underwriting, verification and origination
- The solution automatically pairs loan applicants with the right lenders based on lender’s criterion and applicant’s financial history.

Super Sci LLC

  • Client Since : 2020
  • Vertical : Edtech
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : Vue.js, Laravel
  • Team: 6 Members (Hourly Model)

- A science-standards educational program that incorporates technology to help the ELL students to learn science in fun and engaging way.
- The whole science syllabus of 5th grade is being managed. It has 8 rooms, 20+ lessons and more than 120 activities to perform.
- Developed using state of the art AWS infrastructure, and has MVVM pattern. Generates multiple type of stat reports for the business users.

Beedyo LLC

  • Client Since : 2018
  • Vertical : On-Demand Services
  • Platform : Mobile
  • Technology : React Native, iOS, Android, AWS
  • Team: 6 Members (Hourly Model)

- An interactive application through which you can reach out to the right audience. You can chat, message, talk, and meet.
- Provides proximity and interest based feed to the users.
- Provides a platform for learning new skills and exploring different niches.

Work Samurai

  • Client Since : 2021
  • Vertical : On-Demand Services
  • Platform : Mobile
  • Technology : Flutter, iOS, AWS
  • Team: 2 Members (Hourly Model)

-Allowing businesses to request services in the field of Hospitality, Nursing, Facilities Management etc.
- Offering highly paid jobs to the verified workers all over the Australia
- 600 workers along with 40 businesses are registered, so far.

Global Kinetics

  • Client Since : 2020
  • Vertical : Healthcare
  • Platform : Web, Hardware(Gen 2 watch)
  • Technology : JAVA, Angular, AWS, Python, Jenkins
  • Team: 3 Members (Dedicated Model)

- GKC is committed to improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease with advanced medical technologies.
- The PKG® system has evolved to include advanced monitoring technology and reporting capabilities
- Providing dedicated support and developing new features in PKG system.

Timer Clock - X

  • Client Since : 2017
  • Vertical : Utility/Lifestyle
  • Platform : Mobile
  • Technology : React-Native
  • Team: 4 Members (Hourly Model)

- A solution to enhance users life with well designed alarms, routines, and timers.
- The application provides a well thought micro level solution to calculate daily small tasks like cooking, working out, etc.
- Provides most intuitive and seamless UI experience to the business users.


  • Client Since : 2021
  • Vertical : IT Solutions
  • Platform : Web
  • Technology : WordPress
  • Team: 4 Members (Hourly Model)

- For over 35 years, Computex has helped its clients grow and evolve their business through technology.
- Complete rebranding of the logo, marketing material & business stationery.
- Revamping the website by optimizing it with the most current data, design, features and performance.

Aus Clinical Labs

  • Client Since : 2018
  • Vertical : Health/Lifestyle
  • Platform : Mobile, Web
  • Technology : Nodejs, Reactjs, React-Native, Python
  • Team: 3 Members (Dedicated/Hourly Model)

- Australian Clinical Labs is a leading provider of pathology services in Australia. Over 8 million tests being performed each year.
- Provides a complete solution to conduct clinical trials with automations.
- Implemented completely server less architecture to achieve high scalability and availability.

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Clients' Testimonials

what our clients has to say?
  • Steve S.
    Another great job with Magento! Working with Discretelogix team has been a breeze. Their English communication skills are excellent. Communication via skype has been regular and responsive. The Magento store that was requested has been developed to our exact specifications. This contract was for the core of the project and was carried out to our exact requirements. Thanks again for a great job, we will now hire Discretelogix again for our ongoing work.
    Steve S.
    United Kingdom
  • Yvonne C.
    We would like to give a big thanks to Discretelogix which offer a great service. After a few months of observation and working with the company, there are a few things that we are really impressed. First of all is the pricing, we realized that the skill and knowledge of the developer they assigned to us are worth every penny. Of course we are very impressed with the developer, not to mentioned we are always surprised by his skillful knowledge and his ability to give us great advice in the areas that we do not have expertise in. Our project start off easy but slowly becomes harder when business requirements changed. However, the developer assigned is able to work with us closely and make modification patiently. Initially there were miscommunication, but those were expected for any new business relationship, but I am certain that once the relationship matured and communication protocols agreed on from both sides, this will eventually disappear. Furthermore, there were many special requirements that were requested throughout the Project and the Project Manager tailor their services to accommodate our demand. They were very flexible and i am very grateful. Initially We plan to work with many different companies to help with this project, however, once we realized this company also offers other services, we are happy use their other in-house services as we have confidence in their quality of work and expertise. We will definitely continue to work with them and looking forward to build a great relationship.
    Yvonne C.
    New Zealand
  • Chenchen Li
    The management of Discretelogix has been amazingly patient, knowledgeable and professional with the delivery of the project. They have great communication skills and attention to details which was crucial for the context of this project. Thank you Discretelogix Team for all the hours and hard work you have put in. We definitely will hire this agency again for all the future projects and do recommend them to any other employers.
    Chenchen Li
  • Michael F.
    The best!!!! I have worked with several developers from here and the Discretelogix is the best by far. English is perfect, they took the requirements and offered suggestions and even took SEO into consideration. They will take what you give them and make it the best. I will be using them for my future projects. Thanks guys for your hard work…. Oh did I mention they hit the deadline… ?
    Michael F.
  • Brad R.
    The team at Discretelogix were top/notch pros. They listened and worked to understand my requirements. Reasonable on cost, and did not “cut corners”. They provided excellent support and were very responsive throughout the project. Progress was easy to monitor, and installation went very smoothly. I am very pleased with the work that was done, and i would definitely use this company again..
    Brad R.
  • Liz Comeau
    Discretelogix’s team was excellent to work with. Very personable, gracious, and responsive. They worked on a tight deadline, and on what turned out to be a more demanding project than either of us expected. But he did not ask for more money. I gave him more money though, because he deserved it. He is also very knowledgeable of the English language even though it is his second language, so things went smoothly. I highly recommend this company.
    Liz Comeau
  • Michael R.
    We are very satisfied with the final product. It runs great and the myriad of bugs that we found were all fixed by the programmers. Our site spec was fairly intricate but even though it took much longer than projected, the programmers gave us exactly what we asked for. In addition, the programmers accommodated quite a few last/minute additions and changes, and they’re willing to fix any more bugs that we find. We’d definitely recommend them to anyone else.
    Michael R.
  • Matthias R.
    Nothing to complain at all: Discretelogix team is highly professional, very quick, friendly and patient. Apart from the quality, I really liked their project management / it”s very effective and allows real time testing and adjusting. What”s also important is the after/care in case something goes wrong after moving things to another server for example. I was always looking for a competent partner I can outsource stuff to. Looks like I finally found one. Thanks guys! More stuff coming up soon!
    Matthias R.
  • Cathy Paine
    Discretelogix team is by far the best programmers I’ve ever used. They had to fix some very serious and complicated problems 2 previous contractors were unable to resolve and did an excellent job of it. They did more in 3 weeks than the others achieved in 3 months! Not only are they top coders, they have very good project managers and stays on top of all the details, making sure things get done correctly. They’re organized, professional and do whatever it takes to deliver the project on time. I’ve been extremely pleased with them and give them my highest recommendation. Job well done guys! Hands down, you’re my first choice for future projects.
    Cathy Paine
  • Duder P.
    I have been working with here for a few years now, and this, without doubt, has been the best experience so far. a project manager was assigned as my contact within Discretelogix, and he has been available to me at all times, and I mean all times – midnight, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and all throughout the day (by email and instant chat). They have over-delivered on this project and have produced a first-class application, ahead of schedule, and within the project bid. They made sure they fully understood my needs on this project and the communication has been excellent. My only regret with posting this feedback is that they are going to get more work from you and I want them to myself !!!!
    Duder P.
  • Jeremy Cowling
    This is an excellent company and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring web-based solutions. I was especially pleased with their attention to detail and the way they dealt with my (rather frequent) requests. They were always professional, helpful and friendly and went well beyond expectations. There were actually occasions where I asked for additional features to be added or new changes to be made to the site and they were always happy to do whatever I requested. Their communication is excellent, especially now that they have a new project management system in place – setting tasks is very easy and you can trace each issue as it gets resolved. The final product turned out even better than I had first envisioned and so far the post-project support has been excellent. Overall, this has been a very pleasant, stress-free experience and I will definitely be using their services again.
    Jeremy Cowling
  • Azmat Afridi
    Well, we have had our website for a couple years but it was increasingly getting more and more complicated and time consuming with all the manual work and auction bids management and customers accounts management. We were spending way too much time on managing the most basic tasks in our uncountable excel worksheets. Instead of running the business, the business was running us. In addition, we were growing faster than we could handle and the rate of mistakes was increasing and was getting expensive. It was at this time that we decided to automate the system. Discretelogix was referred to us by a friend who had experienced the quality and expertise of Discretelogix. To be honest, I have got alot more than what I paid for. If you check my profile, I have already given them a few little more projects as well and a few more are in the pipeline. Their expertise is top notch and their customer service is outstanding. You would always see your coodinater online and is always ready to talk. My main project was an extremely complex project with 100s of variables and we had no idea how to control it. Thanks to Discretelogix, we have a very very working website now. One of my customers today called it “super charged system”.
    Azmat Afridi
  • Peter Altuch
    This was my first project working with this firm and they have a very good project leader which is a must in my opinion. The leader maintained extremely close communications so that everything was fully explained and understood. The price was fair. The project was going nowhere with another developer and they stepped in right away and suggested how to handle it. In fact, when there was some concern about hosting the script, they volunteered to run it on their own server. A nice gesture. Since then we are talking some more about multiple projects and I will let you know how responsive they are, and their capabilities. I will continue to give them work and let them continue to surprise me with their excellence.
    Peter Altuch

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  • Kalim Associates
  • OPEN Global
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