Designing and Hosting are integral part of the services provided by a software company. But here at Discretelogix, we do not provide these as secondary services. For these services, we have taken few steps ahead of setting up deparments. Discretelogix have two separate child companies named Dxinerz and DX-WebHosting. These companies operate separately yet in complete harmony with Discretelogix with their teams experienced in their respective areas so that our clients can get a quality of service at the same level as provided by other specialized companies of these fields.



Dxinerz is not limited to designing jobs of Discretelogix but it has separate set of clients as well, satisfying their specific designing needs. At Dxinerz, people don’t just do the job, they do it right and at its best. Perhaps it is this obsession of doing things right, along with attention to detail that brings customers back to us time and again.

Web Hosting


Unlike Dxinerz, DX WebHosting has a different operational structure, it is not open for all and it only provides hosting services to the valuable clients of Discretelogix. This gives the confidence to our customers that they are special for us. We have our own US based dedicated servers with the 99.9% up time guarantee and we also offer custom software installations for your specific hosting needs at very low rates.