We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who understand the market place, our customers, and what it takes to successfully operate an IT Company.

Farrukh Malik
CEO, Discretelogix – Pakistan
MS(Information Technology) – National University of Science & Technology – Pakistan
Farrukh Malik is founder of company and responsible for defining strategy and vision, building culture, leading the senior teams, introducing innovative technologies, robust processes and monitoring overall activities of different divisions of company.



Ahmad Nadeem Hayat
Managing Director, Discretelogix – Pakistan
BS(Computer Sciences) – Barani Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
Mr. Ahmad Nadeem Hayat is co-founder of company and private entrepreneur with business in several industry segments. He is responsible for driving the company's consulting strategy, coordinating with offshore clients and handling multiple outsourcing channels.



Director Business Development & Operations, Discretelogix – Pakistan
MSc(Computer Networks) – University of Middlesex, UK
Mr. Zia Ul Ghafoor is responsible for the management of Designing & eCommerce ventures of company and development of projects which utilizes companies core expertise. His presence in company and new ideas keep everybody's spirits alive.



Muhammad Asher
Director Projects & HR, Discretelogix – Pakistan
MBA(Management Information Systems) – Virtual University, Pakistan
Responsible for ensuring compliance of our quality system with the high quality standards required by the industries we serve. He also supervises human resource functions, including personnel hiring, evaluation, benefits, payroll and all other usual HR functions.



Sakib Rafik
Director Finance, Discretelogix – Pakistan
MBA(Finance) – Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan
Responsible for the supervision of all financial, budgetary and administrative functions of the company. Monitors and informs the status of budgets and financial management of the projects with a view to improve their implementation, effectiveness and compliance with contractual agreements.



Dr . Sajjad Mohsin
Director Business Development, Discretelogix – USA
Ph.D (Computer Science) – Muroran Institute of Information Technology, Japan
Dr. Sajjad is responsible for driving and coordinating for all the business development activities in USA and Canada, he has joined the company in 2015 and playing a key role in expanding the company's footprint in North America.



Dr . Sadaf Sajjad
Director Operations, Discretelogix – USA
Ph.D (Computer Science) – University technology Malaysia, Malaysia
Dr. Sadaf has joined the company in 2015 and she is responsible for supervising all operations, administrative functions and contractual agreements of the company in USA and Canada.



Mustafa Ilyas
Regional Head, Discretelogix – Sweden
MS(Software Engineering) – Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Mr. Mustafa Ilyas is regional head and is responsible for driving the company´s business activities in Sweden. He joined the company in 2008 and played a key role to set up new channels and expand the company's business in the Nordic region.



Shahjehan Tariq
Regional Head, Discretelogix – Australia
MS(Computer Science) – University of Central Punjab, Pakistan
Mr. Shahjehan Tariq is regional head of the company in Australia. He has more than 8 years of experience in building, developing and leading software groups. He joined the company in 2012 and responsible for all the business development activities in Australia.




So this was all about Discretelogix Management. You can proceed with introduction to our full team.