In the last quarter of 2007, Apple announced that iPhone would support third party applications. This led to the emergence of iPhone applications. These applications extend the functionality of an Iphone smartphone and allow it to provide mobile based entertainment and business services. At Discretelogix the iphone application development teams are composed of highly experienced and proficient developers who use some of the best tools to ensure quality, consistency and performance for each application. We leverage the technologies aimed at the development of Apple mobile products using the iOS technologies such as iOS SDK. It comes bundled with a range of development tools such as Xcode, Objective C, iOS Simulator, enabling our smartphone development professionals to code smartphone apps, enhance them graphically with visually appealing UI, test applications, debug and then launch them on mobile devices.
Discretelogix provides complete iphone application based solutions, from designing the user interfaces to coding and then from testing to post deployment maintenance and bug fixes. Quality and performance is maintained to highest standards to ensure the applications developed by Discretelogix provide you the best solution for your entertainment, business and security needs.