Built on the legacy of ASP (Active Server Pages) and powered by software giant Microsoft, ASP.NET is a server side web applications development framework. With its powerful features ASP.NET has redefined the limits of programming. The developers, architects and analyst can spend more time on addressing the business issues rather than wrestling with the limitations of technology itself. ASP.NET is built on CLR (Common Language Runtime) which allows programmers to write code in any language supported by .NET.
Some of the major benifits of ASP.NET are:

  • Executable portions of a Web application are compiled so they execute more quickly than interpreted scripts.
  • Highly Reliable.
  • Rigorous Security.
  • Easy configurations of applications.
  • Vast and enriched Class library, features, controls.
  • Language interoperability

ASP.NET also allows you to select the language that best applies to your application.
Discretelogix has a dedicated team of proficient developers working on ASP.NET. With years of experience and expertise our developers would help you take full advantage of the powerful features that ASP.NET offers.