Ecommerce is a diversified and vast domain that demands much more than just designing and developing a website. A successful Ecommerce business needs a complete business plan and a marketing strategy capable of giving maximum exposure to your estore. An effective plan to convert visitors into customers and then customers into loyal customers would ensure sustainable growth and profitability. Monitoring after launch enables you to tweak your business model and also helps you in getting a perfect marketing plan for your products.

To counter a competitive market you have to set up your ecommerce store in a highly organized and systematic manner. Meticulous business planning, an error free and on track execution of plans, aggressive and comprehensive marketing strategy and constant monitoring and analyzing are the hallmarks of excellence in Ecommerce solutions.

Discretelogix can help you in all phases of setting up an ecommere business. We have expertise in several ecommerce platforms which support wholesalers, distributors, retailers, multi-channel and pure-play. We serve companies from diverse industries and some of the fastest growing companies of USA are our clients. Our approach begins with a careful analysis of our client’s business model. Based on our analysis, we plan customized solutions to cater their business needs which results in enhancing their business profitability. Read the details below:


The planning phase includes thorough research and insight into your business. This includes writing a business plan, doing extensive competitive analysis, developing the right strategy, selecting the most suitable domain names, and choosing the right platform. The steps that are carried out in this phase are further explained as follows:

Business Planning

business planning

This phase provides the baseline of developing your ecommerce solution and online business.

Competitive Analysis

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis gives you an overview of your market competition and your position in market.

Strategy & Branding

strategy and branding

Branding Strategy helps organizations to become market leaders and create a unique corporate identity.

Domain Name Selection


Domain name is your online identity. Your domain name always plays an important role in your online store’s success.

Platform Selection


Ecommerce platform is a software application where businesses can provide ecommerce to their customers over the internet.


In the execution phase everything that was thought about in planning phase is put into action. Before commencing the execution we make sure that we have done ample planning and research about the development model and techniques that we would be applying during execution, resulting in a swift and error free execution of plans which are promised to generate predictable and expected results.



Designing is all about how your ecommerce website would look like. A great design is essential to create a positive impact.



In the development phase the code behind the design is written and we define functionality of each design element.

Content Writing

content writing

The content of your ecommerce store is as important as the design and plays a vital role in success of your online business.

Payment Gateway Integration

payment gateway integration

We offer our expertise for integration of payment gateways to make your website an online marketplace where anybody can log on to your website and shop directly.


Marketing refers to the act of presenting your business / products to your customers. It is an essential part of launching your online business and helps to capture your target market. Under the umbrella of “Marketing”, the basic parts of your business are highlighted and communicated to your customers, making it easy for them to properly understand what your business is and what it offers. At Discretelogix, we design exclusive marketing plans and strategies for our clients to lift their business and enhance their profitability.

SEO & Marketing


SEO is a powerful marketing technique that helps you get more exposure and visibility through search engines.

PPC Management

PPC Management

PPC or pay per click is an advertising model used to generate traffic for a website or an ecommerce store.

Affiliate Marketing

referrals and affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing plays a vital role in your business growth and development by giving you joint venture partners.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing lets you have a cordial and permanent contact with your prospects and buyers.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media is a great tool to build brand reputation and build a community of loyal customers .

Live Chat Programs


Its always great to have direct contact with your customers. Having a live chat feature on your ecommerce store your customers can directly chat with you.

Post Launch Analysis & Optimizations

Post Launch Analysis plays a vital role in presenting effective changes in business plan and marketing strategy. By conducting a post launch analysis you can get real time results from market and can analyse the effectiveness of your plans and strategies. Post launch analysis lets you tweak your marketing campaigns and remove any weaknesses or flaws in the business plan or marketing strategy. Discretelogix highly values its customers; we believe our customers are the driving force behind our progress and success, and every milestone achieved is a credit to our valued customers. To help our customers in the way they help us, we offer post launch analysis and optimization services for your ecommerce store. The post launch analysis actually demonstrates the effectiveness of the business plans and allows us to tweak the ecommerce system after getting data from market.

Web Master Tools

webmaster tools

Webmaster tools help you check your website for errors and optimize your website for search engines.

Analysis Tools

analysis tools

Analysis tools help you analyse the traffic comming to your ecommerce store and check demographic information.

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