This phase provides the baseline of developing your ecommerce solution and helps raise the stakes of your business. Each business plan is first validated according to a SWOT analysis i.e. by analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats posed by the project.

Strategically business planning is one of the most significant and crucial part of devising a complete ecommerce solution. A business plan would comprise of three segments:

  • Your business goals
  • Reasons why they are achievable?
  • How they would be achieved?

At Discretelogix we help you in all the three stages of business planning. By extensive collaboration with our experts, we help you set feasible goals for your business. We further comprehend  by logical explanation how these goals are achievable. Lastly, we devise an elaborate strategy on how these goals would be achieved.

Along with the complete business plan we also give you a marketing plan that would enlighten you about contemporary market trends. We also specify the strategies that may be adopted for marketing the product, service as well as your company.

It is always beneficial to hire experienced and professional resources for this phase since special care and thought is required in carrying out each step. To give you the best and most complete ecommerce solution for your business we always follow the standard operating procedures and best practices that are guaranteed to produce the best possible results in terms of growth and scalability for your business.