Post Launch Analysis plays a vital role in presenting effective changes in business plan and marketing strategy. By conducting a post launch analysis you can get real time results from market and can analyse the effectiveness of your plans and strategies. Post launch analysis lets you tweak your marketing campaigns and remove any weaknesses or flaws in the business plan or marketing strategy.

Discretelogix highly values its customers; we believe our customers are the driving force behind our progress and success, and every milestone achieved is a credit to our valued customers. To help our customers in the way they help us, we offer post launch analysis and optimization services for your ecommerce store. The post launch analysis actually demonstrates the effectiveness of the business plans and allows us to tweak the ecommerce system after getting data from market. Following tools are used to develop a post launch analysis.

Web Master Tools

webmaster tools

Webmaster tools help you check your website for errors and optimize your website for search engines.

Analysis Tools

analysis tools

Analysis tools help you analyse the traffic comming to your ecommerce store and check demographic information.