PPC or pay per click is an advertising model used to generate traffic for a website or an ecommerce store. In the PPC model, advertisers pay the publisher an amount to display their ads on websites owned by publishers. Normally two payment methods are used, a flat rate or a bidding system. Google and Adcenter owned by Microsoft and powered by Yahoo and Bing are two largest providers in PPC. Having spent more than 6 years in developing internet based business solutions we can help you devise an effective PPC strategy for you and your ecommerce store that would amaze you with quick results and a sustainable growth. Our marketing experts are adept in using the following PPC services:

Google Adwords

Google adwords is Google’s main advertising product. Powered by the search giant, it is one of the most effective PPC advertising tool available. Due to the complexity of Google Adwords system and money at stake it is very difficult for companies to manage their own advertising campaigns. Discretelogix provides highly skilled and experienced advertising consultants to its clients. Our advertising teams are expert in selecting the best keywords for your Google adwords advertising campaign that would yield maximum output in terms of traffic and conversions while keeping your advertising costs as low as possible.

Bing Ads

Bing ads is a service that provides pay per click advertising on Bing and Yahoo search engines. Despite being way behind Google, Bing Ads is the second largest PPC service provider.

  • Bidvertiser
  • InfoLinks
  • IntelliLinks
  • Exit Junction
  • Skimlinks

Apart from these PPC services our marketing teams are also adept in devising, implementing and handling various CPM and CPA campaigns to generate leads and traffic for our customers.