Smartphones have revolutionized the market of mobile devices and given a new meaning to mobile phones. These handhelds combine mobile phone and computer features, expanding the functionality of a conventional mobile phone and providing enhanced features to its users. Modern smartphones resemble more tablet PCs and offer smartphone users ample opportunities to leverage their capabilities. In the last few years, mobile apps development and mobile commerce has boosted the market for smartphones. Within a short period of time, these devices have transformed from extravagant and expensive gizmos into must-have commodities.

"Smartphone sales have grown by 45% in 2012 and is expected to reach 108% by 2015" (Source IDC)


– Are you a part of this huge market?
Discretelogix has established itself as a leading provider of mobile applications and mobile based business solutions developer. Our mobile applications development teams have hands on experience in developing some of the most complex and diversified applications. These applications are custom tailored to user needs and are guaranteed to meet your specific requirements.
With dedicated development teams for each platform we are proficient in developing native solutions, unified and cross platform applications. Discretelogix provides complete solutions to its valuable clients, from requirements gathering to designing the application and then from developing it to maintaining the application. Our application development teams strive to give you the best user experience along with an application that does exactly what you want it to do. Every business has different application needs and we at Discretelogix understand these needs and come up with custom mobile applications that not only benefit your business but also strike a chord with your target audience. We provide end to end services for both consumers and enterprise mobile applications.

Android Application Development

Android is an open source operating system for smartphones developed in 2007 and the first android powered smartphone was unveiled in 2007. Powered by the search giant Google and Open Handset Alliance Consortium, it is now the most popular and widely used operating system for smartphones. With a market share of over 75% each day about 1.3 million android powered smartphones are activated worldwide. Android applications extend the functionality of android devices and allow them cater to a wide and diversified array of needs from entertainment to complex business needs such as E commerce.
In order to provide optimized and intelligent smartphone based solutions to our clients, Discretelogix has dedicated teams responsible for android applications development. Android applications developers at Discretelogix use state of the art technology to develop the finest applications that not only provide the best solution to your business and entertainment needs but also do exactly what you want them to do. Our developers use the best development and testing tools to ensure quality of the android applications.

iPhone Application Development

In the last quarter of 2007, Apple announced that Iphone would support third party applications. This led to the emergence of Iphone applications. These applications extend the functionality of an Iphone smartphone and allow it to provide mobile based entertainment and business services.
At Discretelogix the iphone application development teams are composed of highly experienced and proficient developers who use some of the best tools to ensure quality, consistency and performance for each application.
Discretelogix provides complete iphone application based solutions, from designing the user interfaces to coding and then from testing to post deployment maintenance and bug fixes. Quality and performance is maintained to highest standards to ensure the applications developed by Discretelogix provide you the best solution for your entertainment, business and security needs.

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