The Discretelogix QA team is a bright bunch of fast learners and top quality bug hunters. We are professional testers and still expanding the team; hard working and honesty is our motto. We are expert in every kind of manual testing as well as in automated testing. We love to get our hands dirty in web based applications, iPhone & Android applications/games desktop applications and yet we do love to clean our hands in state of the art bug logging tools like JIRA. We believe a product should Reliable, Efficient, Secure and Maintainable.

In the light of these four factors, our daily activities comprise of, including but not limited to, following testing approaches:

1) Functional Testing

  • Smoke/Sanity testing
  • Interface & Usability testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing

2) Non Functional testing

  • Compatibility testing(Cross browser compatibility, cross platform compatibility)
  • Load and performance testing
  • Security/penetration testing
  • Installation testing

3) Help Desk services
Handling client queries received via Tech support and delivering solutions. We also hold and maintain QA/testing department of various international clients that believe in our capabilities and give us chance to help them serve better.

Tools Used

Now, lets talk about the software we have been using:

Jira is a highly-customizable, smart and intuitive web based project and issue management platform that we use to follow up projects, store and track issues and new features. We have been using it for one year and in that time we logged more than 5000 bugs.

2. Redmine
Redmine is flexible web based application used to do the tasks of project management and also it is a bug tracking tool. To monitor the deadlines better project representation it includes calendar and Gantt charts.  

3- Load UI
We use Load UI to conduct load and performance testing.

4- Sahi Tool
We use Sahi tool for web applications automation, with the facility to record and playback scripts.

5- Snagit
We use Snagit as screen capturing program. Once captured the screenshot they can be resized, annotated, Highlighted, arrowed and various kind of text can be added. Which helps in understanding the bug.

6- Teamviewer
We use teamviewer for screen sharing among QA and DEV team to work with collaboration.  

QA Process

This is the complete process we follow when some new tool, new feature in a tool and some change requests comes to us for quality checks.

  1. – Studying requirements (both basic and upcoming enhancements) of each tool/application from specifications document defined by business analysts and QA recourse estimation.
  2. – Preparing test plan and resource allocation.
  3. – A quick smoke testing.
  4. – Writing test cases for the enhancements/changes in Excel format
  5. – Executing the test cases against the implemented tool.
  6. – Marking each test case as Pass or Fail
  7. – Reporting all issues, for the Failed test cases/scenarios
  8. – Verifying the issues after fix by development team
  9. – A briefed regression testing.
  10. – Sign-off of the enhancement/changes from QA

So, does your application have Bugs? Discretelogix has a dedicated team of bug hunters that make sure your applications are bug free and you are stress free.

If you are looking for a QA team that –
i. Is passionate and enthusiastic about QA
ii. Understands how to bombard the application to kill all the bugs
iii. Is honest and committed to their work

Look no further, Contact us.