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Designing is integral part of the services provided by a software company. But here at Discretelogix, we do not provide this as a secondary service. Discretelogix have a sub company named Dxinerz which operates separately yet in complete harmony with Discretelogix so that our clients can get a quality of service at the same level as provided by other specialized designing companies. Dzinerz has a high quality creative and experienced graphic designing team that knows, how best to serve our clients. Our creative team consists of graphic designers, photographers and animation creators.  Dxinerz provide following services in web & graphics design:

Website Templates


A company's website represents its image online, so the unique website design plays an important role in making it attractive presence worldwide.



Web Banner advertising for display on popular websites is one of the quickest and easiest ways of marketing your business to millions of users worldwide.


Logo Design


We have a professional and creative graphic designing team that is well-equipped, talented and experienced in designing the custom logos for your new businesses.

eBay Templates


Having a very strong brand image and high quality design is a major factor in being successful and ensuring trust into the customer on eBay.


Email Newsletters


A newsletter is a good way to keep your name in front of customers and keeping them informed of new products and events surrounding your business.

Landing Pages


The landing page is your only chance to convert online searchers into customers. Discretelogix is developing landing page design for many businesses worldwide.




We realize many companies have limited internal marketing services, for these companies our experience can help to make brochure development easier.

Business Cards


A well designed business card is the equivalent of introducing yourself with direct eye contact and a strong handshake with your prospect business partners. 




Over the period of time, we have discovered a great deal about designing catalogs attractive, more persuasive, more sales worthy and easier to shop.

Corporate Identity Kit


Every business is battling it out to create its own identity in its field. We can be your designing partner to make you win this battle.


Flash Design


Discretelogix help its customers to make their website, banners and other graphics more attractive with the use of advance flash technology.

Image Editing


Outsource your image manipulation, background removal, image clipping, image blending and black & white images conversion to colored images services.



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