Outsourcing allows the companies to focus on their core values and getting higher levels of success, rather than wasting time in non productive activities, at very low cost. Almost anything can be outsourced now, from payroll and accounting to sales and IT solutions. Offshore or domestic third parties can offer less expensive and more efficient services than salaried employees. Pakistan has a well-developed communications infrastructure, a high degree of computer literacy and a growing appreciation of international quality standards make it suitable destination for global companies seeking to outsource their business activities.

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There are a number of reasons that drive companies to outsource some or many of the work activities. The list of reasons includes:

  • Lower costs (or lower total costs). Sometimes achieved through lower wages costs, but also through economies of scale by providing the same service to multiple companies.
  • Improve service. Often, better educated or skilled people perform the task, and thus perform it better.
  • Obtain expert skills. An outsource firm is allegedly an expert in that particular activity, and thus should be able to do it better than the customer.
  • Improve processes. Given that outsourcers are very experienced at a particular set of processes, they can help the customer to improve their processes.
  • Improve focus on core activities. Outsourcing frees management from having to worry about the inner-workings of a non-core activity. The customer focuses on their core competence, the outsourcer focuses on theirs.

Why Pakistan ?

Pakistan is the gateway to Central Asia, the Gulf, and Far East. Rapid urbanization has resulted in the workforce of our country being educated in various specialized concerns, and proficient in English, and many other languages spoken worldwide. Our country is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Today Pakistan has 160 million consumers with an ever growing middle class. Foreign investment has risen sharply. Liberalization, De-regulation, Privatization, and Facilitation are the foremost cornerstones of the current investment policies. (Unfortunately, this is all what your media would not tell you)

Pakistan is emerging as the destination of choice for IT outsourcing for the following reasons:

  • An IT workforce of 133,000 with good English language and people skills growing at a phenomenal rate of almost 20,000 a year.
  • 110 ISO-certified IT companies, with over 25 undergoing CMMI rating.
  • A reliable digital telecommunications infrastructure with backup and reliable energy and transport networks.
  • An ambitious program of world-class IT Parks.
  • A prosperous economy that offers lucrative domestic opportunities and is attracting increasing amounts of international investments.
  • A steadily improving risk rating and a tightening environment for intellectual property protection.
  • A streamlined government regulatory process of one of the most attractive incentive programs anywhere, which includes tax exemptions, 100% foreign equity and earnings repatriation.
  • International leaders such as BearingPoint, NCR Teradata, Mentor Graphics and ZTE have chosen to locate their development and consultancy centers in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a well-developed communications infrastructure, and a high degree of computer literacy, coupled with innovations in software development. Its improved service delivery mechanisms and a growing appreciation of international quality standards, serve to emphasize Pakistan’s suitability as a destination of choice for global companies seeking to offshore their business activities.

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