Discretelogix uses a feature-rich project management system called Project Discussion Board (PDB). This system not only provides opportunity to our valuable clients to work as closely as their in-house team, but it also helps us keep track of all projects’ tasks at macro and micro levels. From a client’s perspective, benefits of this system are faster execution, collaboration, better management, staying upto date and speeding up the whole process.

Be Part of Your Project Team

When you choose the services of Discretelogix, you are no more just a client. You become part of your team over here and you get fully involved in all the project execution activities. Usually, most of the project teams are structured in same way as shown in following screen shot of PDB.

A Sample Project Team

Create, Assign & Prioritize Issues

Projects are broken down into macro level issues/tasks. Then each task gets assigned to respective resource along with priority, execution dates and other parameters such as Issue Category and Estimated Time, so that you can have clear idea of details of each particular issue.

Create, assign & prioritize issues

Tasks are Scheduled to Meet Deadlines

In calendar view, you can get the over all picture of scheduled tasks. Exact milestones are set and you will be able to see with just one click that what tasks are going to be started and/or finished today or in upcoming days.

Calendar view of project tasks

Keep Track of Project Progress

Tracking the project has never been this easy! Gantt chart will give you a complete picture of overall project progress. You can monitor individual task level details as shown in figure below. Looks nice, isn’t it?

Gantt chart view of tasks' progress

Track Time Spent on Tasks

Time Tracking is made easy, using our Project Discussion Board. Your team can fill in Time-sheets online. You can then monitor time spent and ensure that tasks are completed within schedule.

Track Time Spent on Tasks

Get Notified of Projects’ Every Activity

We don’t keep our clients away from their projects. Whether the priority, due date, assignment, percentage done of tasks gets changed or new comments, files are added to the tasks, you will be notified of each activity.

Get notified of each activity through email