implementation is hard

Guy Kawasaki

When it comes to our primary target market, we work with startups. Our core service offering is that you should focus your time and energy on the core of your business and let us handle the rest. We can help you in business planning, technology and marketingfor your startup.

Sometimes, this means researching around your startup idea and creating a feasibility study (target market size, price point, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, business plan creation etc.) for it. Other times, it means integrating our hands-on experts (developers, QA, UX engineers, business analysts, project managers etc.) with your technical teams to meet product development challenges and then everything in between.

A to Z success

everything your startup needs. from ideation to expansion.

we sit together to do epic brainstorming with your team and let you know where to begin.


Meet our expert, multi-disciplined team to bake your idea.


Let’s sit together to validate the ideas and feasibility at the initial stages.


It’s time that we and you both should get started and make it happen.

what makes us different?

as your startup partners, take an overview below or learn more...

Success Stories

here are some of the startups that enjoyed tremendous growth using our services.

We are affordable

we understand the budget constraints of startups. we have lowered the prices only not the quality of work :)
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Startup Services


You Save (w.r.t. our standard rates)

  • Minimum Duration
  • Business Planning
  • Discovery Phase
  • WireFraming, Prototyping (UX)
  • Designing (UI)
  • Web or Mobile App Development
  • Multi Environment Setup (Staging, Live etc)
  • Multi Platform Solution (Both Mobile and Web)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance (Post Deployment)
  • Feature Enhancement Requests (Post Deployment)
  • Digital Marketing




Startups looking to develop a throw-away prototype of either a mobile or web app to validate their core idea in a short time.

  • 4 - 6 weeks
  • 10 hours
  • 30 hours
  • 120 hours
  • 60 hours
  • 20 hours




Startups looking to develop a complete solution, consisting of a mobile app, a web app, or both with a full-scale beta launch.
  • 16 - 20 weeks
  • 80 hours
  • 40 hours
  • 80 hours
  • 80 hours
  • 480 hours
  • 40 hours
  • 160 hours
  • 200 hours
  • 80 hours
  • 80 hours
  • 160 hours
  • 120 hours

ready to take your startup idea to next level?