excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Will Durant.

Discretelogix is a leading provider of IT based business solutions. Our main differentiation from the competitors is high quality and attention to micro level details. We believe that one extra degree of effort separates Good from Great. We provide cost effective business solutions in minimal timelines while ensuring quality standards through effective communication and best practices. Using a feature rich project management system we enable our valued clients to manage their projects ensuring faster execution, collaboration and better management. Our focus remains on delivering quality and professionalism to our clients and their customers.

our key strengths

Being into business for more than a decade we have evolved ourselves with some special strengths which include

Rapid Talent Acquisition

We have the ability to hire teams on a few days/weeks' notice.

Building Scalable Teams

Start with small team and grow it according to your needs.

24/7 Availability Across Time Zones

We make ourselves available in your time zone.

Quick Adaptation of Emerging Tech.

Technology evolves rapidly, so are our skills.

Agile Teams with Direct Access

Work directly with teams without any communication layers.

Flexible Engagement Models

Pick & choose from fixed, hourly or dedicated resource models.

Seamless Integration with Onshore Staff

Our teams work closely with your onshore staff.

what makes us different?

as your business growth partners


We provide our clients with innovative and cost-efficient business solutions through the quality deployment and integration of information technology.

At Discretelogix we deliver highly cost effective business solutions. An intensively trained workforce, superior quality control and a cost effective approach to development enable us to deliver business solutions that give you maximum return on investment. Our business analysts and developers strive to enhance the usability of your solutions to minimize costs. Discretelogix offers different pricing models to meet global clients’ diverse needs.
- Fixed Price
- Time Based
- Dedicated Resource Outsourcing


We know that time is the most important factor for business of our clients. Our robust processes & quality standards make us to deliver the project s in minimum time.

Our cutting edge technology services and efficient development models coupled with our expertise, robust processes and quality standards enable us to significantly slash the project execution time. At Discretelogix, ample time is invested to clearly understand your needs and then manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget. This methodology expedites rapid implementation, limits uncertainty and keeps the customer always aware of development progress at our end.


We are genuinely committed to your success and we really will take the time to listen to you, discuss with you and share with you. Our response time is unbelievably short.

Effective and efficient communication plays a key role in development process. Luckily, we are proficient in both. When we say “effective communication”, it means that we are succeeding in reaching the goal for communicating i.e. we are understanding your requirements. When we say “efficient in communicating”, it means that we are getting out the message in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of energy. In brief “effectiveness” deals with a job well-done; “efficiency” deals with time. We like to fully involve our clients in the development process. Regular updates will be sent to you and you will be notified of each activity.

For us each client is special and we are genuinely committed to your success. We always try to understand your own unique needs and work with you to develop intelligent and effective business solutions tailored to your specific requirements and work practices.


We will develop your software to the highest professional standards using Best Practice methods; giving you enhanced reliability and improved data consistency.

Quality at Discretelogix begins with people and processes. Quality has to be ensured for all entities and processes involved at all levels. Our project management protocols are geared towards delivering robust, high quality client solutions. We have made extensive investments in acquiring the latest tools and technologies. Our employees undergo continuous training to keep them abreast with the latest technological developments.

We will develop your software to the highest professional standards using best practice methods; giving you enhanced reliability, better data consistency, improved security, and quicker, lower cost of maintenance. Through our quality standards we ensure we are building the right solution and also building the solution right.


We give Free Lifetime Guarantee. Any bugs or errors in your application that are down to us will be fixed free of charge for the lifetime of your software.

At Discretelogix we strive to deliver the best post deployment customer support. We offer lifetime guarantee and support to our valued customers and provide free debugging of errors on your application that are down to us. Each and every customer is valued as a part of who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. More than simply responding to customer needs, we work to anticipate them with absolute honesty and respect.


When you choose us as your service provider, you are no more just a “client”. You become part of your development team over here and fully involve in all the activities.

Discretelogix uses a feature-rich project management system called Project Discussion Board (PDB). This system not only provides opportunity to our valuable clients to work as closely as their in-house team, but it also helps us keep track of all projects’ tasks at macro and micro levels. From a client’s perspective, benefits of this system are faster execution, collaboration, better management, staying upto date and speeding up the whole process.

1Be Part of Your Project Team

When you choose the services of Discretelogix, you are no more just a client. You become part of your team over here and you get fully involved in all the project execution activities. Usually, most of the project teams are structured in the same way as shown in the following screenshot of PDB.

2Create, Assign & Prioritize Issues

Projects are broken down into macro-level issues/tasks. Then each task gets assigned to the respective resource along with priority, execution dates, and other parameters such as Issue Category and Estimated Time so that you can have a clear idea of the details of each particular issue.

3Tasks are Scheduled to Meet Deadlines

In calendar view, you can get the over all picture of scheduled tasks. Exact milestones are set and you will be able to see with just one click that what tasks are going to be started and/or finished today or in upcoming days.

4Keep Track of Project Progress

Tracking the project has never been this easy! Gantt chart will give you a complete picture of the overall project progress. You can monitor individual task level details as shown in the figure below. Looks nice, isn’t it?

5Track Time Spent on Tasks

Time Tracking is made easy, using our Project Discussion Board. Your team can fill in Time-sheets online. You can then monitor time spent and ensure that tasks are completed within schedule.

6Get Notified of Projects’ Every Activity

We don’t keep our clients away from their projects. Whether the priority, due date, assignment, percentage done of tasks gets changed or new comments, files are added to the tasks, you will be notified of each activity.

aren't these enough reasons to get started with us? ;)