Customer Review Date Changer for Magento

The customer review date changer extension for Magento is a small, lightweight plugin that allows you to change the date for customer reviews at your Magento store. While importing your store from one CMS like WordPress to Magento, you have to go through the peril of fixing the dates for customer reviews. By default, the […]

Magento Admin Fix for CSS and JS Not Loading

After transferring the magento store to new server and database you might find that the magento admin is not loading the CSS and JS files. Because of that, the design would look out of order and the categories pages would not display the products.   To fix this, you have to run the following SQL […]

Alternate Method For Magento Incremental Update

In order to maintain all your tables and data the way it is, you often require to perform an incremental update for magento, doing it otherwise might make some of your data obsolete. Here is a simple step by step guide to perform magento incremental update:       First you have to back up […]

Uploading Extension to MagentoConnect: Invalid Package Name

While uploading to magento connect, we often receive an error “Invalid Pakage Name- the Package name without ext should be ……..”. We have to take care of few things while packaging and uploading extension to magento connect. Following is the solution. 1). Create a package of your Extension:       As you see from the above […]

Protect Magento Product Images from getting Stolen

It is good that magneto offers watermarking for securing the catalog/product images but this security is not sufficient for advance internet users. Suppose, following is the link for your watermarked image But if anyone removes the cache/1/image/de684549e4151748e56ee0dd7902c19f part of URL so that it becomes He can view the image and copy it. To […]

Magento Google Checkout 401 Failed to Get Basic Authentication Headers

If you are struggeling to integrate the google checkout with Magento and facing the following error in google checkout console  We encountered an error trying to access your server at — the error we got is Send failed with code: 401. Response body was: Failed to Get Basic Authentication Headers We assume that SSL […]